METRONICS Semiconductor Equipment GmbH

Metronics Semiconductor Equipment GmbH offers a wide product range of parts and components for wet cleaning and drying of substrates as well as liquid temperatur control products for the semiconductor industry, the solar cell production, the optics production and chemical industry.

The product range includes ultrasonic-/megasonic- cleaning tanks, drying equipment, heating-/cooling units for liquids, high purity quarz tanks, valves, fittings and custom specific PFA-tubings.

Some of our products are developed and manufactured by METRONICS, such as our high efficiency megasonic cleaning modules, which are worldwide used by wafer makers, chip makers or science institutes.

Our speciality is, that we are able to adapt the standard products to any of our customers applications whenever it is needed, which gives our customer big advantages such as

  • Improvement of processes
  • Customer specific solutions
  • Higher throughput
  • Less production costs
  • Longer lifetime of the equipment
  • Easy and short design in procedure

All our products can be modified exactly to our customers needs by our graduated engineering team of the sections R&D, software, CAD, machinery, consulting.

The founders of Metronics Semiconductor Equipment GmbH, Dipl.Ing. (FH) Marco Meyer and Dipl.Ing. (TH) Rosemarie Kehr both are graduated engineers experienced by many years of developing, distributing and servicing semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

We dedicate our technological and business expertise to the benefit of our customers since 2001.