Heating-/Cooling Systems for Liquids

CS Inline HeaterCS Inline Heater
Fast and accurate heating of liquid at a temperature range of 50°C to 170°C
Chemical CirculatorChemical Circulator
Highly accurate temperature control of liquids at a temperature rangeof 15°C to 50°C.
Corrosionfree even to aggressive chemicals like HF etc...
Chemical HeaterChemical Heater
For temperature heating (25°C - 80°C) of organic solvents, acid, alkaline liquids or other chemicals for RCA cleaning and wet etching
DI-Water HeaterDI-Water Heater
Rapid and higly accurate heating of DI-Water by near infrared halogen lamp
Thermoelectric DehumidifierThermoelectric Dehumidifier
Indispensable for dehumidification or for controlling the moisture at a constant level in the gas
sampling section of the environmental pollution gas analyzer.
Thermo Generation ModuleThermo Generation Module
"Thermo generation module" is able to generate electrical power from any type of temperature difference from micro-power wireless monitoring to large-scale waste heat recovery.